Mademoiselle Lapin loses lightsaber in the grass

Mademoiselle Lapin loses her lightsaber in the grass

I have the best friends! Yesterday I got my first dinkie avatar, a Jedi bunny, and convinced my lovely friend Adeline to join me in dinkiehood. She became a mercat – a tiny cat with a mermaid’s tail and swimming animations, and together we went trolling. Because we’re nice people though, we didn’t actually troll anyone, but we did go to an event to fly and dance around. I can’t be sure, but I think several people played some music for us while we danced, because I had parcel music turned off and as soon as we started dancing, music started playing from at least two of the other event-goers, so what’s a bunneh to think? Ade even made a startling discovery: it’s hard to dance when you have a tail instead of feet. We, of course, managed and had a serious laugh about it. πŸ˜€ This morning I decided to tell you guys about our adventures and realized I didn’t take a nice-enough picture yesterday. Because Jasmine Stardust has just released another pretty grass at Uber, I thought why not and put my dinkie self in her Cute grass for a serious photo shoot. ❀

Grass with flowers: Stardust, Cute grass, at the Uber event until the 22nd of May. The grass comes in six minipacks: green aqua, green darker and green yellow, with bright or pastel flowers each. The pastel flowers are pink, white or yellow, the bright ones are red, blue or violet. For my photo I used the green aqua with pastel flowers (white and pink), and the green darker pack with pastel flowers (the yellow ones).
Bright green grass: In between the Cute grass from Stardust I used the Love Essential grass pack, no 19 grass
Bunny avatar: Tiny Inc.
Dinkie Jedi master robe: Designs by Isaura
White butterflies: 3rd Eye Perceptions, Windsong White Butterflys
Tire with grass inside: Ever Green, Menu Driven Old Tire Planter from the Menu Driven Old Tire Plantings Gacha
Twisted tree: my beloved twisted tree from Studio Skye
Boxwood hedge and arch: Botanical

Morning after

Morning after

Another one with the pretty Wonderland eyes from Gloom. They can be found at Planet 29 April round (lasts until the 22nd of May), this time I’m wearing the Earth Green version, size M.

Other credits
Photo is taken in Bellisseria, swing is from Tarte, hair from Tram at Uber, Head Lelu Briannon, lipstick also Gloom, Doll Lipstick, dress is Thalia Heckroth, Andrea tee dress, Bracelets from Nanika, Coffee cup is a gacha from Fetch, Spring treats, shrubery on the right of the picture is Seasonal Boxwood hedge and arches set from Botanical ❀


Witchy Bitchy

I am very attracted to dark, shiny, a bit scary and/or creepy styles in Second Life photography. I don’t enjoy roleplaying scary characters and I’m not really a big fan of vampire, zombie or whatnot lore anymore, but I do like a bit of intimidating and brooding with my cuteness. I can’t bring myself to make May ugly, but I can definitely use some little scars, a bit of tired eye makeup and some unnatural eye color. Speaking of which, look at these gorgeous eyes Gloom has at Planet 29. I fell in love instantly and god only knows how, but I plan to wear (and blog) them all. πŸ˜€

Gloom. - Wonderland Collection

Head: LeLUTKA Briannon
Skin: Pepe Skins, Neptune v2, Cake tone
Eyes: Gloom, Wonderland collection, Liliac M, at Planet 29 until the 22nd of May
Little scars: Gloom, at the Men Only Monthly event until the 15th of May, part of the Face Enhancer set
Eyelashes: Michan, Lilith C, tinted dark blue with the LeLUTKA HUD
Eyebags and dark circles around the eyes: Ladybird., Sturgis at the Warehouse Sale event until the 18th of May
Face tattoo: Ladybird., Rina tattoo at Planet 29 until the 22nd of May, tinted from white to light gray. ‘Cause it’s also tintable, you guys, not only gorgeous πŸ˜€
Eyeshadow: Ladybird., Rina eyeshadow, also at Planet 29
Eyebrows: Little Foxy Beauty, Hwan Natural Eyebrows
Blush and beauty marks: Poupette, Delicate Blush, Lovey-Dovey beauty marks and Mix and Match beauty marks
Lipstick: Gloom, Doll Lipstick
Hair: Doux, Taiane, at Uber until the 22nd of May
Collar: AsteroidBox, Caellum collar
Wings: Rekt, Crow’s Wings
Staff: Snowpaws, Luna Staff
Headdress and flying petal-thingies: Zibska, Dalena Deux

About today


Yesterday morning I built a pool. A primmy, water from another creator pool. It has floating lotuses from Runic and swirly inflatable swans from What Next. I love it to bits and it stays in my yard until further notice. πŸ˜€

In other news, Adeline and I went shopping at Happy Mood today. We needed pretty grasses for our… yards. What did you think I was gonna say? This is what we wore and most importantly, what we rode:

Also, Oubliette and Petit Mort have a great boho spring hunt going on until the 2nd of May. Each prize is priced either 10 or 20 lindens and there are 12 prizes in total (if I remember correctly): a top, a skirt, two long dresses, two short ones and I don’t remember the rest, but they’re cute and you should check them out. Both stores also have spring sales going on. I don’t have any pictures with the prizes (yet), but here’s a photo from their pretty garden:

The day ended on a positive note, with us dancing on a newly raised platform in the middle of my gorgeous if I do say so myself pool, and talking about mental health. #smartandpretty


Queen of the backyard

Queen of the backyard

Ohai! Have you been to The Epiphany? If not, you still have time until the 12th of May to try your luck at one of the many great gachas there. Speaking of which, for this round MadPea has a great one, with race car duckies. It’s called Wacky Duckies. The duckies are wearable, so no need to rezz them unless you want to show them off to your neighbors. πŸ˜€ By the way, when you wear them, be prepared to turn off your AO and maybe adjust hover height a bit. There’s a special Epiphany item that won’t be available after the event, namely the Checkered Flags. There’s also a VIP reward that you can get if you spend 1000 lindens at this gacha: the Wacky Duckies Trophy. Here is a list with every prize in this gacha and a picture with everything you can win, for reference:

Wacky Duckies – Princess Duckycorn (wearable vehicle)
Wacky Duckies – Her Royal Duckness (wearable vehicle)
Wacky Duckies – Entrance (7li)

Wacky Duckies – Balloons (7li)
Wacky Duckies – Bat Duck (wearable vehicle)
Wacky Duckies – Duck-a-llama (wearable vehicle)
Wacky Duckies – Floaty Pile 1 (6li)
Wacky Duckies – Floaty Pile 2 (6li)
Wacky Duckies – Helmet – Bat Duck (wearable w/resizer)
Wacky Duckies – Helmet – Duck-a-llama (wearable w/resizer)
Wacky Duckies – Helmet – Her Royal Duckness (wearable w/resizer)
Wacky Duckies – Helmet – James Pond (wearable w/resizer)
Wacky Duckies – Helmet – Moby Duck (wearable w/resizer)
Wacky Duckies – Helmet – Mother Quacker (wearable w/resizer)
Wacky Duckies – Helmet – Princess Duckycorn (wearable w/resizer)
Wacky Duckies – Helmet – Quackhead (wearable w/resizer)
Wacky Duckies – Helmet – Side Chick (wearable w/resizer)
Wacky Duckies – Helmet – Super Duck (wearable w/resizer)
Wacky Duckies – Inflatable Bumper – Blue (2li – ‘bounces’ you off of them when run into)
Wacky Duckies – Inflatable Bumper – Pink (2li – ‘bounces’ you off of them when run into)
Wacky Duckies – Inflatable Bumper – Purple (2li – ‘bounces’ you off of them when run into)
Wacky Duckies – Inflatable Bumper – Yellow (2li – ‘bounces’ you off of them when run into)
Wacky Duckies – James Pond (wearable vehicle)
Wacky Duckies – Moby Duck (wearable vehicle)
Wacky Duckies – Mother Quacker (wearable vehicle)
Wacky Duckies – Pennant Flags (9li)
Wacky Duckies – Quackhead (wearable vehicle)
Wacky Duckies – Side Chick (wearable vehicle)
Wacky Duckies – Super Duck (wearable vehicle)

Epiphany Exclusive:
Wacky Duckies – Checkered Flags (6li) – exclusive for The Epiphany, will be retired after the event

Special VIP Reward:
Wacky Duckies Trophy (3li – wearable version included) – can only be earned by spending a total of L$1,000 at the Wacky Duckies gacha machine at The Epiphany event. Non-transferable.

Also find MadPea here:

In-world Group: secondlife:///app/group/07a8657f-71c9-3012-65fc-7da2e790bad3/about

That place where you went that time

Go where, baby

More years ago than I can easily remember my inspiration went MIA. I left art school and became something else. Slowly, throughout the years, it came trickling back. A drawing here, some paint there, a pen and tablet for virtual art from time to time. I will never be a full-time artist, but man, am I happy that Second Life is here and I can make pretty things with it and enjoy the pretty things that others make. Speaking of which, I am happy to report that Gloom made a face enhancing set that more than satisfies my need for eye bags. πŸ˜€ It has not one, but two versions of eye bags, a tired eyes layer and a gorgeous lips enhancer set that gives definition to your lips without being a lipstick. It is just lightly colored, in very soft tones, with only a little glow, for a really natural effect. Both the face and lips enhancer are unisex. I can now look pretty but tired all over again, yay!

On top of it, for even more detail, I use the face stickers from Bunk, that are, as always, really well made and cute as can be, plus they come in a million colors. No, not really, it’s just 28, but come on! That’s more than enough to make anyone happy. Here’s everything I’m wearing, with LMs:

Face star, heart and tear: Bunk, Stick-Ons Fatpack. They come in 7 metals and 21 plastic colors selectable via HUD
Lips enhancer: Gloom, Lips Enhancement for LeLUTKA Evo and EvoX at the Man Only Monthly event until the 15th of May
Eye bags: Gloom, Face enhancer, Eye bags 1 – 02 100% at the Man Only Monthly event until the 15th of May
Tired eyes: Gloom, Face enhancer, Tired eyes 40% at the Man Only Monthly event until the 15th of May
Scars: Gloom, Face enhancer, scar eye, scar darker lips and scar darker side, at the Man Only Monthly event until the 15th of May
Head: LeLUTKA Briannon
Skin: Pepe Skins, Neptune v2, Cake tone
Eyes: Gloom, Equinox gacha at the Epiphany until the 12th of May, I’m wearing blue S
Eyeliner: Skoll, Neva basic eyeliner
Lashes: Michan, Lilith C
Eyebrows: Little Foxy Beauty, Hwan natural eyebrows
Beauty marks: Poupette, Lovey-dovey and Mix and Match beauty marks
Blush: Poupette, Delicate Blush pink
Hair: Yomi, Gwyn
Sleep mask: 13Act, CuteBaah sleep mask, Sun
Bookcase: Ex Machina, Biblios bookcase, wood version, at Uber Hometown
Neon light: Peaches, Seyley neon signs

Rain, rain, go away, Ma-ay wants to play

Rain, rain, go away

Necklace and bracelet: Bunk, No Love necklace and wrist cuff
Face star, heart and tear: Bunk, Stick-Ons fatpack
Dress: Mellowcute, Fortune dress, Peach tone, at Cosmopolitan until the 1st of May
Tattoo: Stardust, Thea and Althea tattoos in Night tone, exclusively available at the Fantasy Faire (this tone will be discontinued afterwards). Full income from it goes to support the Relay For Life foundation, so if you like it, please go buy Thea and Althea in Night tone before the 9th of May, when the Faire ends.
Pretty, pretty decor clouds: Yokai, Cloudy Day Gacha at Access until the 8th of May

Also in this post:
Head: LeLUTKA, Briannon
Body: Legacy perky
Skin: Pepe Skins, Neptune v2, cake tone
Eyes: Gloom, Equinox Gacha at the Epiphany until the 12th of May. I’m wearing Light grey, medium size
Hair: Magika, Lydia
Boots: wellington boots. They come from a gacha and were a gift from a friend. I tried finding the store but was unsuccessful. You can search the Marketplace and some will be there in different colours. Also, they’re very pretty. πŸ™‚
Hat: Toksik, Bucket hat fuchsia. Also a gacha
Umbrella and pose: InDiGo, Rainy day set, pose 4

Keyboard princess

Keyboard princess

New for Access, Madpea has created the Chroma Key Seat. It has poses for both single and paired avatars, and you can change texture (black or white via the scripted menu, or recolorable via edit mode – see the blue one in my picture? that’s how it got that way :P). Lighting colors include Blue, Cyan, Green, Hot Pink, Lime, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow, and White, or you can choose to cycle between them at a slow speed. I felt like a gamer princess sitting there while taking the picture and I hope you do too πŸ˜€

Find MadPea here:

MadPea Chroma Key seat at Access Event until the 8th of May
Head: LeLUTKA Briannon 3.0
Body: Legacy Perky
Skin: Pepe Skins Neptune v2 Cake tone curvy
Hair: Doux, Silent
Headset: Moon, Catcat headset, Rainbow pastel
Wings: Sixx, Chibi neon wings pastel
Top: Mellowcute, Muaz top gum
Body stars: 13Act, Body stars Neon Pink/Cyan

Lake sprite portrait

Lake sprite

I made a lake for my linden home that I’m probably going to photograph some day soon as more than a blurred backdrop for a water fairy. Until then, I hope you like fairies, ’cause today I am one, lol. I’m wearing another color of the pretty eyes from Gloom, the Equinox gacha that you can find at The Epiphany this round. These are light grey and they are love at first sight, you guys, no pun intended! ❀

Head: LeLUTKA Briannon 3.0
Body: Legacy Perky
Skin: Pepe Skins, Neptune v2, cake tone
Eyes: Gloom, Equinox gacha, light grey M, at The Epiphany until the 12th of May
Eyelashes: Michan, Lilith C
Eyebrows: Simple bloom, Patricia S shaped
Eyeliner: Skoll, Neva basic eyeliner
Blush: Poupette, Delicate blush pink
Lipstick: Gloom, Natural Tint
Ear blush: Dazed, Eleanor Ear tint Pink
Breast veins and stretch marks from Izzie’s
Hair: Dalgona, I wish gacha B, white (at Equal 10 until the 5th of May)
Tattoo: Arabic tattoos studio, Butterfly confused, 40%
Dress: Mellowcute, Sisu night
Headdress: Ferina’s, Tiara Venus
Waterlilies: Little Branch, 4 seasons

Let’s play for a bit


Hello, my friends. Have you been to Anthem yet for the April round? The theme is Boho Folk, and Yokai has a set of gacha bohemian pillows ready to take you back to childhood. The set contains 13 pillows: six cacti/cactuses, two moons, three stars and two lovely rares, a milk and a cocoa alpaca. The pillows can be used as decor, as I did in the picture (heads up, they’re resized for that purpose), or as holdables. ❀

Cute pillows: Yokai, Bohemian Pillows gacha at Anthem until the 30th of April
Head: LeLUTKA Briannon 3.0
Body: Legacy Perky
Skin: Nuve, Crystal for LeLUTKA EvoX, Fair tone, 99 L per tone until the 18th of April
Hair: VCO, Jihyo 1 brown, Jihyo gacha at Kustom9 until the 10th of May
Top: Tres Blah, Aspen Tunic Cream
Jeans: Osmia, Liza Bermuda Shorts, Washed Light Blue
Necklace: Clockhaus, Moonish necklace, rose gold
Earrings: C’est la vie, Noran Earring, past group gift
Rugs on the ground and the walls: KraftWork, Runner rugs Native