Free Valentine’s Day Sliding Puzzle from PuzzleBox

Valentine's Day Puzzle gift

Hi guys! Wanna see something very cool? My lovely friend Chris and I made something that we want to share with all of you! We created PuzzleBox, a SL store of games and fun, entertainment as Chris loves to call it, and, for our first item, we made a gift that you can get on MP, here, until February the 14th. Now, when I say “we” made it, I do mean Chris coded and created it and I took the photos and helped with the ads. But still πŸ˜€ I’m part of it, so I get to say “we” made it, lol. Now onto the puzzle, just so you’ll know what you’re getting.

The Valentine’s Day Sliding Puzzle attaches as a HUD that you can set up and then send to your valentine(s) to solve. It has three difficulty levels that you can choose from, five already made images and the option to add your own, ’cause mod is life. Or you know, it’s a nice option to have. πŸ˜€ So five ready made pics that I’ll show you below, and you can add your own from inventory, via UUID. You click the option on the puzzle’s menu, get a pop-up dialog asking for the texture UUID, you right click the texture from inventory, select “copy asset UUID” and paste that into the pop-up dialog. Done! Your image appears on the puzzle. You can then select a frame color – there are five to choose from, and finish the puzzle by selecting a difficulty level. Please choose the easy level if you’re not sure the person you’re sending it to loves a good puzzle. Once that’s done, the customizing menus disappear and the puzzle becomes transfer. We included a copy, but do make sure you copy the item a few times before customizing if you intend to send it to multiple people with different pictures/cards. Or you can always get a redelivery from the Marketplace. Only four more days to get it for free, so hurry up and have fun! β™₯

Valentine's Day Puzzle gift

You can find PuzzleBox on Flickr, Facebook, the Marketplace.

Valentine's Day Puzzle gift
Valentine's Day Puzzle gift

P.S. The card with the kitty says “If you were braver, we’d be together, but you’re a pussy, so I’m waiting forever.” πŸ˜€ β™₯

What’s your fortune?

What's my fortune?

At CozyFest until the 4th of February:
LuluB, Oracle card with pose, and interactive item
Spruce, round rug collection
What next radiator w/ socks
Llorisen, Floris floor lamp
Fetch, Noa coffee table
[Fetch] Noa Clutter
22769 – Cozy Tea Time
22769 – Cozy Coffee Time
22769 – Cookies from Granny – GIFT
DISORDERLY. / Cozy Frames / GIFT
DISORDERLY. / Cozy Packing / Green
PANIQ – Book Nook Collection
Veyard – S12 Winter Boots

Other stuff
Chairs, Consignment – Kamil Chair – Fluffy
Mithral – Calathea Warscewiczii (Pack B)
Mithral – Sansevieria Moonshine (Pack B)
Tarte – Fiddle leaf fig
Soy. – Wall Hanging Moss Ball (wood)

French it up at CozyFest

French kiss

Hi, hi! Long time no see, isn’t it? Well, I’m back, at least for a while, to let you know about the great things you can get at CozyFest, one of Fifty Linden Friday’s events. β™₯ The event is open until the 4th of February and you can get a lot of items priced at 50L. There are also gifts for those in the FLF group that you can join here.

Today’s inspiration is C’est la Vie’s beret, Luca, that you can get in three packs of colors, with 10 options each. The beret is resizable. I paired it with the glass frames from Duckie, that you can also get at CozyFest. The frames come in three metal hearts color options and six frame color options and are unrigged.

On the background I used the Victorian Fireplace from Hextraordinary (promise I’ll circle back to this one, so you can have a better look), also available at CozyFest, and two of the gift candles there, one from Spruce and the other from Paniq. Check below for the rest of the credits. β™₯

Head: LeLUTKA Kaya
Hair: Dalgona, Minseok
Skin: The Skinnery, Brita, toffee tone
Freckles and beauty marks are Poupette, on MP
Lashes: Mila, Wispy lashes (used with the highest setting on the LeLu HUD)
The cute nose heart: The Horror, Boop Kit, nose highlighter 200%
Top: Spectacledchic, Christopher shirt
Bow tie: Minimal, Choker Bow Tie
Painting set: Disorderly, Soft Neutral 1

Cozy fest AD

Christmas is here again, who would have thought? :D

Suddenly Christmas

Believe it or not, in two days it’s Christmas again. Time flies etc. This year I’ve got some lovely presents to show you, the Kaya head from LeLUTKA (better hurry for this one, it’s only free until the 24th of December), and the Xmas cocktail (on the reception desk at the main store) and Candy cane (at the Cosmopolitan event, in one of the decorations in the Christmas tree) from ChicChica. Also, if you need a base to make your Kaya shape, I’m offering one for free on the MP, here. It’s the one I’m wearing in the picture above. It comes with a style card and eyebrow shaper. I hope you enjoy them and that you have a very Merry Christmas! β™₯

Of Second love and other demons

Winter's breath

Recently, one of the little girls at preschool told my son she loved him, then hugged him tightly. My little monkey was so stunned that he literally fell to the floor when the girl let go. Luckily, the floor in little kids’ spaces is almost always covered with thick fluffy carpet, so he didn’t have a booboo afterwards. Hearts however do not provide the same insulation, as I’m sure you’re well aware. So when you fall either in or out of love, most often than not you get hurt. Such is life I guess, but still, if this could be avoided, dear powers that be, we’d all be better for it, thank you.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Second Life love stories. I see my friends falling in and out of love, I see them excited they have started something new, just to be rather quickly disappointed that the other person didn’t meet their expectations. And I wonder, isn’t that a painful, frustrating way of spending your time online? Don’t get me wrong, no judgement is passed between these lines. I wish everybody would get what they want and get it fast. β™₯ But if you’ve ever been in an online or even a long distance relationship, you know that the potential for getting hurt is that much greater, for all the well known reasons, such as little or no physical contact, no way of telling what the other person is actually doing, less nonverbal cues etc. And these are just the most generic reasons. I’m sure there are other, more specific ones, that don’t apply to everybody in every situation, but that are just as painful.

For instance, being in love makes me move through life at a slower pace, makes me not pay attention – did we speak about coffee recently? I’ll waste a couple of minutes daydreaming about that instead of making my coffee in the morning. Being in love makes me forget myself and become painfully aware of somebody else’s presence. Or absence for that matter. Where are they, what are they doing, are they happy without me? Questions that are usually best kept inside one’s mind. But they are brewing, creating tension. Basically, being in love means having to manage “more” of myself than before. It feels to me that this tension finds release in the more “conventional” space of real life, for instance when you meet the person you’re in love with, but in a medium like SL, that by definition lets you be as secretive about yourself as you wish to be, I imagine that this quasi-permanent build-up of tension can become at least uncomfortable.

That’s not to say there aren’t happy endings in Second Life. I know of a few myself. People that met in SL, moved on to real life, got married and are still around to tell the story. You do you! Plus, what the hell do I know? I’m just musing here, mere spectator to the show. *Winks*

Grimm Tales at the Arcade

Grimm Tales
Can you tell by this pic what my favorite fairy tale is? grins

Speaking of poses, how about I show you some very pretty ones from Ana Poses, available at The Arcade? But first, did you know that after gacha was banned, people came up with different systems that let you see what item you’re getting, so it feels more like a choice rather than luck? Well yes, they did, and The Arcade has one such system. You land at the location, get a HUD (you may have to accept experiences for it to work, I don’t remember exactly), it attaches while you’re there and disappears once you teleport away. Each machine has a button to pair it with your HUD, and after you do that, they show you the next five, six items in line to be bought. You pay for each in turn, no skips, but it’s a middle ground that feels satisfying enough. That’s if you didn’t hate gacha, of course. πŸ™‚

But back to the pose I’m showing you. Ana Poses makes very natural poses, and many of them feel to me like they’re story driven, which is always nice, of course. Who wants to just be pretty when you can be pretty and inspire strong emotion? Yes, I am kidding. I like the “just pretty” pics as much as I like those that make me uncomfortable. Or you know, happy. πŸ˜€ A picture, a well thought out image, is a story in itself. If it’s pretty, that probably means that the artist made it so by balancing color, composition, light. So no, there are no “pretty” pictures that are just that. They all have the story of the artist that made it pleasing to the eye. The way they measured proportion, the way they thought out lighting, their camera angle. Sure, Guernica is all fine and dandy, but man do I love Cezanne! /rant

The pose above is the Rare from the Graz set. Here’s the whole thing, in case you can’t be bothered to visit until you’ve seen all there is to see.

Imaginary snow and other tidbits that make me happy

Imaginary snow

It’s almost December. I have a cold and it’s raining where I am. Some would call that unfortunate, no? Lucky for me, a little art heals the soul, so here we are.

I don’t use poses very much, thanks to Niran’s wonderful viewer, Black Dragon, that has its own poser system which allows me to tweak every pose to hell and back. I mean to perfection. πŸ˜€ This morning I felt like working as little as possible, but still wanted to take a pretty pic, so I decided I’d use a ready-made pose. Neatly tucked between a gazillion other poses was the Le Poppycock folder, holding stuff from one of my favorite pose stores in Second Life. β™₯ The pose I used for the picture above is called “Catching snowflakes” and it’s the one I used in one of last year’s winter pictures, here. The pose for the picture below is part of the “Live a Little” set and it’s called “Introspection”.

Olivia, the owner of Le Poppycock, also has sets with props, many of them loaded with poses, so you can use them wherever the mood strikes by just attaching them, without needing to rezz anything, which in my book is a really nice perk.

Head: LeLUTKA Inez 3.1 β™₯
Hair: Stealthic, Harmony, Browns
Eyebrows: Arte, Aline
Skin: The Skinnery, Brita toffee
Eyes: Avi Glam, Sunshine eyes 04
Eye bags: Izzie’s for EvoX
Lashes: Dazed, Bambi Eyelashes
Freckles: Poupette, Jolie freckles medium
Beauty marks: Poupette, Lovey-Dovey beauty marks
Lipstick: Gloom, Natural tint
Headdress: Lode, Mistletoe II Collection, Mistletoe II Crown (white berries) – former gacha, comes as a fatpack
Head aura and pretty snowflakes: Just Yaska, Snowflake Halo
Choker with bell: Poupette, part of the Raindeer Set (coming soon)
Scarf: ::K:: Oversized Scarf, Femme, 04
Sweater: Just because, Cami sweater, Christmas

Ruins of the city

Ruins of the city

May is wearing
Head: LeLu Fleur 3.1
Body: Maitreya
Skin: Pumec, Iris, May tone
Hair: Camo, Ceres braids
Top: Little Fox, Lidija nude
Goggles: Silvery K, Steampunk Goggles
Mask: Wicca’s Originals, Havoc mask (gift at a past Engine Room event)
Hands armor: DRD, Arm Armor
Pants: Spirit, Terry ripped leggings
Shoes: Semller, Worn canavas hi tops tape, black
Spear: DRD, Post Apocalyptic Staff

Johnny is wearing
Head: LeLu Alain 3.1
Body: Signature Gianni
Hair: Stealthic, Atlas
Beard: Mister Razzor, Marcelo HD beard
Tattoo: Mister Razzor, Extreme tattoo
T-shirt: Enforcer, Shirt Monkey Black
Jeans: Kalback, casual Jeans M3 Blue
Boots: Kunst, Knox boots, dark brown
Glasses: Bondi, The Serpent sunglasses
Necklace: Marked, Nut & Spike Necklace
Green flying thingie: Val’More – Sci-fi Shuriken

Location: After the Fall