It’s that time of the year again, my lovelies. That time when we all go out of our way to look scary and bloody. It’s almost Halloween. I know we’ve got two weeks to go, but it’s better to be prepared, no? In order to do so, I visited and am now showing you the goodness that can be found at the FLF-o-Ween, a Fifty Linden Fridays event. The event is going on until the 1st of November, so there’s plenty of time to shop. ♥

On me
Body: Maitreya
Head: LeLUTKA Fleur
Hair: Kuni, Kali hair, at Kustom9
Skin: The Skinnery, Brita, toffee
Cheek scratch: Ladybird, Jamie, at the FLF-o-ween
Bloody lipstick: ALT3, Vampire Queen, at the FLF-o-ween
Eyes: Veechi, Destiny eyes, at the FLF-o-ween
Bodysuit: Rekt, Darkness armor chest, white
Horns: Voluptas Virtualis, Akath Horns, past gift
Cleaver: Bunk, Chop cleaver v1, at the FLF-o-ween
Gloves: Contraption, Dapper dandy gloves Bloody Hell, at the FLF-o-ween
Neck and thigh collars: Casadel, Hag in tan tone, at the FLF-o-ween
Companion ghost: Atelier Burgundy, Ghosty, warm white, at the FLF-o-ween

Panels: Architect, Luxardo panel
Decorative leaves: What Next, Fall leaves string 2
Grass: HPMD – Sweet garden grass 02 and Wild Grasses khaki, Love – Autumn Dove grass 09
Ghosts: Jian, Ghost buddies, at the FLF-o-ween
Pumpkins with lights: Tarte, Lighted pumpkin
Pumpkins with no lights: Fancy Decor, Concrete pumpkins, at the FLF-o-ween
Skull: Broken roses, at the FLF-o-ween
Wreath: Consignment, Slithering Wreath, at the FLF-o-ween

Taxi to FLF-o-Ween

Always by your side

Always by your side

We die. We die from the moment we start living, we die every day in little ways, we die until we’re actually dead. It’s a long, slow process. But we also live, we are “reborn”, renewed. Well, most of the time.

As I was walking back home today from leaving son at school, it dawned on me that I’m afraid. It’s really hard to make decisions when you don’t know what’s best and when nobody actually knows what would be best. Do I let my child go to school and put his health at a greater risk than ever, or do I keep him home and risk both of us going crazy? It’s an impossible decision. Nothing seems right, nothing is safe enough. That feeling of unsafe-ness, the death that is so near, the fear, they’re all wearing me down. Of course, we’re spoiled, there’s no war, no famine, no blatant discrimination where we live. We’re safe enough. And then again, this is the most uncertain time we’ve lived. It’s probably true for us, adults, the parents of this young boy, and it is without a shadow of a doubt true for him. He never had to be so careful, so on the lookout before. So weary of other people. I’m afraid of the long shadows this might cast.

I try to keep a level head, to find balance, to make the best decision possible in the context given. And yet I always feel unsafe. ♥

On me
Head: LeLUTKA Fleur
Body: Maitreya
Hair: Yomi, Zyra hair at The Warehouse Sale
Gorgeous skin: Nuuna, Skeletal Skin/tats F
Lipstick: Gloom, Natural Tint
Nails: Quirky, Solid Stubby Nails Matte
Earrings: Andore, Cute Llamas

On Johnny
Head: LeLUTKA Alain
Body: Signature Gianni
Hair: Doux, Briana
Gorgeous skin: Nuuna, Skeletal Skin/tats M
Shirt: Kalback, Casual shirt

Knife throwing and wilted roses

Knife throwing and wilted roses

All I’ve got to say today is that I’m kinda over gender roles and if we could all please move on, that would be great, thanks! Basically, computer games and reading are my thing and if anyone wants to cook and clean, swell. If not, I will ignore it for a while and then be angry it’s not done. 😀 I also do not like roses (or flowers, for that matter), thank you very much.

Helping me make my point is the MadPea Wheel of Death, where I’ve got my Johnny boy alt all clowned and tied up, ready to be knifed. The wheel is available at The Man Cave event until the 11th of October. It comes in two color combo options, red and yellow or black and white one, each with a clean or grungy version. You simply rez the wheel and the center starts spinning. One person sits on the wheel (you get options to set the bindings for male, female or neither and adjust), the other touches it to get the knives. You have to be in mouselook mode and at least 10 m away to be able to throw. The goal is to hit the board and not the other person. I did my best. 😀 ♥

Wheel of Death by MadPea at The Man Cave event, until the 11th of October

On me
Head: Lelutka Fleur 3.1
Body: Maitreya
Hair: Lamb, Glow
Jacket: Hotdog, Ringmistress Waistcoat Plain
Leggings: Stories & Co, Signature Waist leggings
Roses: Hotdog, Pathetic rose bouquet

On Johnny
Head: Lelutka Alain
Body: Signature Gianni
Hair: Doux, Kash
Pants: Hotdog, Slender suspender trousers
Shoes: Hotdog, Clown Shoes

Spoils of my inner War (from The Engine Room)

Engine room - Spoils of war

So here I was, jumping from event to event, feeling left out ’cause I decided to create mesh and stop blogging, too tired to even open Blender anymore and a bit frustrated. I promise to show you what I’m making, but let me vent for just a bit longer, please. No blogging also meant a bit of a break from taking pics, which hurts more than I was expecting, lol. I see all the pretty pictures on Flickr and Facebook and I struggle not to envy the skill that goes into making them. I always forget how much time a good pic takes (at least in my case). So I decided to end the madness and keep blogging, even if I won’t be collaborating with many creators, at least for now (you remember I was saying I am still a blogger for Bunk and MadPea), and I’ll just do it whenever the mood strikes. Today I’ll show you some items I picked up at The Engine Room where, by the way, there are also some gifts for the members of the Second Life Syndicate group in world.

On me
Head: Lelutka Fleur 3.1
Hair: Doux, Taiane
Body: Maitreya
Skin: The Skinnery, Brita
Vest: Contraption, a gift that you can still get for the store’s tenth anniversary, here
Pants: Hotdog, Tailored Suit for women, Pastel pack
Shoes: Hotdog, Pointed boots

On him
Head: Lelutka Alain 3.1
Body: Signature Gianni
Hair: Doux, Kash
Vest: Contraption, Thibaut Waistcoat, gift 10th anniversary, here
Pants and boots: Contraption, Deck Crew Jodhpurs and Boots Set
Mask: Badwolf, Hugo Mask, at The Engine Room

Backdrop panel: Architect, Biaggio Wall Panel
Chair with clock: Architect, D’Arcy Armchair (black) at The Engine Room – heads up, this one’s way taller in reality, I modified it for this picture.
Table: Architect, Porthole Coffee Table (light), at The Engine Room
Pouf: Cubic Cherry, Artificial Dasy, a gift at The Engine Room
Overhead lamp: Apple Fall, Atelier Pendant Lamp
Lamps on panel: Hextraordinary, Antique Brass Wall Sconce
Octopus with bottle and glasses: Hextraordinary, Kraken Decanter at The Engine Room
Round light balls: Anc. Ltd, Ratten ball light
Candles: Static, Cathedral candles

And the WIP I promised above

Okay, I admit, I am a bit upset

Retro-ish in Lilo's garden

Shopping never helps in real life, but somehow it’s better therapy in SL. I went to Kustom 9‘s cam sim and got some stuff, I snapped some pictures and met Lilo Denimore from ChicChica in her pretty autumn decorated garden. All in all, a good evening.

Head: LeLutka Fleur
Body: Maitreya
Hair: Doux, Sam (at K9)
Skin: The Skinnery, Brita, toffee tone (K9)
Outfit: Dami Blacklabel (K9)
Thights: Vybe, Stevie fishnets white
Freckles and beauty marks of my own doing. I’m sharing them here and here.
Earrings from Bunk, gift at the Warehouse Sale‘s 1 yr anniversary
Glasses: Deep Static, Lilian Shades

Step two: making cute things

Steamy coffee cup

So yeah (perfect way of starting a sentence if I may say), I made another thing. This time it’s a coffee cup and it has two versions: for the right and for the left hand. It has a gentle steam stream coming out of it, pretty patterns and a rose gold handle. By the way, if you want to know how to make particles come out of whatever in Second Life, watch this tutorial. Heads up, this is only possible in Firestorm.

As you may know, I took a break from blogging, I kept only the stores I mentioned in my last post, and I started spending inordinate amounts of time in Blender and Substance Painter. I love it, it’s a challenge, but a good one, like a puzzle that when completed gives you a pretty image. ♥

Because I can’t make hair (yet), I decided I’ll concentrate on cute things for a while, be they mesh or tattoo. We’ll see. For now, all I’ve got to show you is this steamy cup that I’m moderately proud of.

Autumn garden secrets

Autumn garden secrets

There are some things I really love doing in Second Life: taking pictures, blogging when I have the time and spending a few hours with friends. Today I was lucky I could do all three. Although I had to let go of most of my blogger’s work, I did keep in touch with Bunk, my very first sponsor, and with MadPea, the store that I’ve been a member of for the longest time – probably the whole ten years I’ve had my account. Actually, make that eleven. My rezz day was in June and yes, I am now an 11 years old Second Life resident.

Today, after what feels like the longest time but it’s probably only a couple of weeks, here’s a new blog post, featuring the MadPea Autumn Fountain, available for 60L all through the weekend at the mainstore as part of the Happy Weekend Sale. It is 12 Li at its original size and has sound and water particles that can be turned on and off via menu.

MadPea links
In-world Group: secondlife:///app/group/07a8657f-71c9-3012-65fc-7da2e790bad3/about

Making magic in the bathtub, ’cause that’s the only proper way to do it

Making Magic

Or I might just be kidding and have no clue about the best way of making magic. It’s definitely one or the other. *grins*. On a more serious note, I had a lot of fun with this pic once I found the angle. If you want to have some fun too and you like any of the item I used, most can be found at the Fifty Linden Fridays Backyard Birthday Bash (until the 3rd of September). See detailed credits below. ♥

On me
Head: LeLUTKA, Briannon 3.1
Body: Maitreya
Face Skin: Heaux, StasiaX, Browless, ivory tone
Body Skin: Glam Affair in the Maitreya pack, tone 04
Body veins and stretchmarks: Izzie’s
Hair: Wasabi, Smoothie hair at the Fifty Linden Fridays Backyard Birthday Bash until the 3rd of September
Eyes: Suicidal Unborn, a gift at the Warehouse Sale’s first anniversary
Nose and cheek highlights, blush, liner, and freckles: The Horror at the Warehouse Sale
Magic book: LuluB, Spells: Casting Light at the Fifty Linden Fridays Backyard Birthday Bash until the 3rd of September
Earring: Schadenfreude, Mahina’s Moon Earrings
Tattoos: Stardust, Althea Pure 100% (chest tattoo) and Miya A, B, C, and D, white 100% (Hand tattoos)
Horns: Eliavah, Divine Horns at the Fifty Linden Fridays Backyard Birthday Bash until the 3rd of September
Bralette: Le Fil Casse, Rina top, Pink at the Fifty Linden Fridays Backyard Birthday Bash until the 3rd of September

Bathtub with tray, candle and tarot cards: Violetility, Spell Bath at the Fifty Linden Fridays Backyard Birthday Bash until the 3rd of September
Glowing mushrooms: Ariskea, Bioluminiscent Mushrooms at the Fifty Linden Fridays Backyard Birthday Bash until the 3rd of September
Bath supplies in basket: MudHoney, Ayla bathroom basket at the Fifty Linden Fridays Backyard Birthday Bash until the 3rd of September
Frida planter: Pitaya, Fridita planter pot at the Fifty Linden Fridays Backyard Birthday Bash until the 3rd of September
Magic paraphernalia on the wall: Crate, Treasure shelf at the Fifty Linden Fridays Backyard Birthday Bash until the 3rd of September

Flickr, you little…


A few days ago there was some upset because it seemed like the number of Flickr faves people were receiving was too low compared with what they previously got when posting. I can’t be sure, but I think I noticed a difference between the posts I make on Flickr that have a lot of links (the credits and LMs) versus the ones that only have relatively few, maybe the sponsored item/items and a link to this blog. I don’t know if this is new or old or if it’s even a thing, but I am testing the hypothesis, so please be patient with me and if you really like something I blog and want to get it, but don’t find the link on Flickr, take the detour to the blog and find the links here.

To express my feelings towards maybe being widowed of a few dozen likes, I used the fun Switchyblade from Bunk. It is available at the Warehouse Sale until the 18th of September, along with the Big Ol’ Hoops that are a gift for the event’s anniversary. The Switchyblade comes with four options for hold: left or right hand, up or down, two options for the blade, switchable via HUD: either open or closed, and in the Fatpack you’ll find a lot of options for coloring. You can recolor the blade, grip, the two sets of details, and the gems. There are two versions of the Switchyblade, one with gems (V1), one without (V2). When you hold it with the blade out, it’s also a very fun bumper. *grins*

New for The Warehouse Sale!

The skin I’m using is a beautiful new addition to the Gloom collection of skins. It’s called Kim and you can find it at The Harajuku Event until the 10th of September. I am wearing the Gloom sand tone with eyebrows option and the matching body skin. Kim is made for EvoX and comes in ten Gloom tones and seven Velour ones. You can find body skins at their respective stores.

Gloom. - Kim Skin - AD

To emphasize my, um, sentiment, I am wearing the Obsession Eyeshadow from Pout! This is an older release and comes with a LeLUTKA Evo applier, but yes, the LeLu Evo appliers work perfectly with EvoX, so don’t worry, you can use this eye shadow even if you switched to EvoX.

[POUT!] Obsession Eyeshadow

I am also using:
Head: LeLUTKA Briannon 3.1
Body: Maitreya
Hair: Truth, Forever
Tattoo: Mister Razzor, Luma tattoo, black without neck 50%
Smile lines: Izzie’s
Necklace: Bunk., Fat Cuban Necklace
Top: Cosmic Dust, Underbewb crop – I can’t find it in the store or on MP :/
Jeans: Fashionably Dead, Ombre jeans, acid wash

Like a young moth to the flame she carries herself

Like a young moth to the flame she carries herself

Have you ever dreamed of something so compelling that you couldn’t let go of it for the longest time, wishing it would happen, wishing it were real? That hurts like hell, doesn’t it? Imagining something could exist and being constantly disappointed that it hasn’t yet come about. And then, tired, carrying your tiny but painful heart scars, you let it go, you leave the battlefield inside your mind. Oh, what a freeing, bittersweet moment that is!

Head: LeLUTKA Briannon 3.1
Skin: Eudora Beauty, Liv Skin, pale tone
Eyebrows: Simple Bloom, Patricia S shape
Running mascara: Pout!, Frosted Glitter Tears, black, group gift ♥
Body: Maitreya
Hair: Doux, Tisianna
Dress: Blume, Mascarpone dress fatpack
Wings: Iso Darling, Cardboard Demon Wings
Candle: Random Matter, Light in the dark, at the Fifty Linden Fridays Backyard Birthday Bash until the 3rd of September
Cat: Foxwood, Chonky Kitten
Halo: LuluB, Vedette
Butterflies: Beetlebones, Field butterflies, at the Fifty Linden Fridays Backyard Birthday Bash until the 3rd of September
Lamps: Anc., Plant shell lamp, at the Fifty Linden Fridays Backyard Birthday Bash until the 3rd of September

Mood music if you need it: